I’ve got your back through finding the person who brings joy and love to every day of Your life.

“How long should I wait?”,“Is it too soon?” or “Am I Ready?” are very common questions for us… I address that here…

Dating these days seems absolutely crazy. How do you get around the bad advice, crazy scams and questionable people to find someone who shares your values, “gets you” and will love you as you are?

You get the inside track from someone who knows how to get clear about what you want, what you bring and how to attract the right people to you.

How I help

Step 1: Get clear about:

  • What Your good and healthy relationship looks like
  • Who You are and what You bring to the relationship
  • What You need to look for to find that right relationship

Step 2: Showcase the real You

  • We’ll get You on the right app/site to find your people
  • Present You authentically with the right bio and pictures
  • Make sure You stand out with messages that connect

Step 3: Date with confidence

  • Help with planning and preparation
  • “Get to know You” games to create deeper connections
  • Follow-ups to ensure positive progress

Let’s Talk

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My Story

A few years ago I was the loving and devoted husband, breadwinner, and caregiver. On an overcast October day at half past noon, Sam passed away peacefully. It wasn’t a surprise; Samantha had received her diagnosis the January after we were married. In the nine years that followed we did the best we could to make the most of life and enjoy every opportunity that life afforded us.

Those of you who’ve been through this know what happens next. I call it “the carnival.” The paperwork and bureaucracy, the arrangements, the condolences from family, friends and colleagues, many of whom don’t know what else to say. Home, so familiar and yet so conspicuously missing a crucial part. The crushing silence when all is calm.

When “the carnival” is over, our family and friends have receded into their routines, and we widowers are left alone in that place to figure out what our lives are supposed to look like. Like me, you find that you’re better with a partner, someone to laugh with and share simple moments, who effortlessly inspire us to be the best version of ourselves.

So I embarked on my search, grateful to have been blessed with over a decade of experience as a teacher/trainer with advanced skills in applied psychology, neurolinguistic programming, relationship and leadership building and far better than average technical proficiency to aid me in my quest.
Was it a smooth or flawless path? The kind of polished success story one would see in social media feeds or Disney movies? Not by a long shot! I had some rough times, made a few mistakes, but all of that led me to the magnificent woman who inspires me to live the fullest expression of myself and makes every day better simply by being in my life.

All my experiences, training, and skills led me to adapt, learn and distill a clear and effective pathway to help other widowers gain clarity, present authentically, and successfully navigate both online and in person dating to find that connection, joy, and a rich, fulfilling, supportive and loving relationship.

Let’s Talk

Want to find out what working together would look like? Book a call here.