For those of You who are dealing with the loss I am here to help… one of the best ways I can think of is by offering these resources.  Any resource I list here is one that I have vetted personally and will gladly vouch for as being truly out to help widowers.

(The title of every resource is a link to the resource itself)


Widower to Widower

by: Fred Colby

A warm and wonderful guide through the experience and more emotional aspects of the journey of being a widowed man. Fred approaches this subject with such charm and candor and it is definitely a must read.

The Widower’s Journey

by: Herb Knoll

As is one of Herb’s greatest strengths he brings together both experts and fellow widowers to provide an extremely well rounded and thoroughly practical guide to the journey we all take after our greatest loss.


The Widower’s Journey Podcast

Hosted by Herb Knoll

With recognized experts this podcast covers a diverse and well-rounded collection of topics that centre around the widower’s experience.

Bridges Bulletin – Old School Coaching For The Modern Man

Hosted by Dyann Bridges

Dyann’s podcast has short but highly useful episodes where she shares the woman’s perspective around topics that are critical for us all to know. Check it out as a solid resource for strengthening your relationships and gaining incredible insight.


Soaring Spirits International

A comprehensive group for both widowed men and women. They offer a lot of resources and services.

Widowed and Young

This is a UK based organization helping those under 50 who are widowed. It’s a volunteer network based peer to peer support group with over 4,500 members across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


If You’re over 50 and looking for support in the UK there’s Way Up.. offering both an online forum and in-person meetups.

Facebook Groups

Widower’s Support Network – Members Only Facebook Group

A fantastic private community exclusively for widowers or those who are caring for their partners in their last season of life. This is the active community extension of the Widower’s Support Network website.

Widow & Widowers Moving Forward Dating and Friendship

A warm and welcoming community on FaceBook that is well worth getting on. As the title implies it is mostly for those who are looking to move forward with their life.



Group support in your pocket

A simple and effective app with active “circles” or support groups at almost any hour of the day. Each circle is created and guided by a real human (on a purely voluntary basis) and features both voice and chat. Aside from your first name users are anonymous even to the group moderators. I support this platform by moderating a group every Friday night at 9pm EST.


Improve your mood and become your own expert with the wisdom and guidance of MoodKit (iOS)

MoodKit offers mood tracking and cognitive behavioral therapy tools in a single app (Apple iOS only) for a one time fee of around $5. Best for those who’ve made their peace and ready to move forward but feel a little stuck.