Time marches on and all around the signs are clear:  it’s that time of year again.  For many it’s a time of celebration, joy and fun.  For even more it’s a time of stress, exaggerated expectations, and disappointment.

It’s even harder when you’ve lost the people closest to you… the ones that made the holidays vibrant and special. It’s  even harder when the anniversary of their death is right around this time.

To all of you wonderful people reading this, whatever holiday you would (or do) normally  celebrate I wish each and every one of you grace, peace and wonder.

Take It Personally

I talked about flipping the script in the Black Friday video.. whether you’re feeling that holiday spirit or not there is a wonderful opportunity at this time of year, when good will is higher than average, to reach out and make some new connections.  You needn’t follow what others do or even what you’ve done in past.  Look at who you are, how you feel and what you feel you’d like and maybe even dare yourself to try something new.  

I wish for you to find joy and wonder in the little things and simple acts of kindness.  I hope that  you find opportunities to treat yourself a little (or a lot) and “make merry” in a way that is special to you.

Holiday Wishes

To be fair, I wish this to you all year round along with a healthy helping of good fortune, but perhaps a little more during this time of year when stress and pressure are higher, expectations are running rampant and there seems to be more to do in any given day than hours to do it.  When we’re being advertised at and bombarded with images of happy families enjoying opulent celebrations that even the most ambitious among us can  only imagine,  please remember that isn’t the norm.  For many who try it tends to be a little more like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (hopefully minus the squirrel in the house).

Find your way, make your traditions, share with the people you trust and love… the ones that hear, respect, and value you.  Go big, go small, go for Chinese food… it’s all good but no matter what you choose, may you find abundant grace, inner peace, and perennial wonder in this particular season and for the year to come.


Richard Strother is also The Widower’s Wingman.  After losing his best friend and wife in October of 2018 after 20 years together Richard decided to find a new path that put all the best of his skills to use.  After finding the most incredible relationship and helping several others do the same he started The Widower’s Wingman to continue helping men who’ve lost find their amazing and life altering relationships